De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum

Challenge & Solution

Problem Understanding for The World of Persei :

The client being a trading firm dealing in millions of dollars of recycled diamonds and jewelry, required a lot of paperwork. They initially had the legacy system of storing and tracking data but it was a costly affair with a difficult user interface which was was not fruitful to the company. They had segregated their entire workflow in three phases i.e buying, processing and selling. It was the need of the hour to automate these phases.

Solution by Wartin Labs for The World of Persei.

To cater to the client's requirements, we used an agile approach. Their eCommerce website was designed using Wix, Ecwid, HTML, and Custom JS. It provided an easy and clean user interface that made it easy for end-users to browse the catalog. Shopping for products, tracking delivery, loyalty rewards program, and getting bonus points was easy for customers, as everything was just a click away.


Paperwork reduced by 75%

The sales representatives can directly scan memos and data is directly fed into the system. Needless to say it cuts off the paperwork tremendously.

Revenue generation increases by 35%.

Financial force enhanced real time financial analysis thereby increasing the revenue

Reachability increases by 28% .

Visualforce sites increases reachability and people are more up to date with the various ongoing and upcoming events.

Time taken for Jewelry Recycle Process reduces by 40%.

Automated workflow reduces the entire jewelry recycle process.

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